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Frequentley Asked questions

Cak’D  UP is a all natural glute building supplement that targets the muscles and helps with proper fat storage. Giving you a fuller, rounder, shapely buttocks that most people desire. Results will vary per individual however most see results in little as 4 weeks.

Slimu UP is a waist snatching power house that uses potent all natural botanical ingredients that help target stubborn unwanted fat in the belly area. Usually this is known as cortisol. If the goal is to slim the belly and keep the curves, add Slimu UP and Cak’D UP to your daily routine. 

Plump’D UP is our most favorited topical elixir by our customers. It helps with plumping, softening, and reducing unwanted cellulite. It should be applied to the hips, thighs and glutes and watch those curves pop right before your eyes! 

Absolutely! You can take all the products we sell together if need to be. They will not effect your gains. It can only help and enhance your overall goal! Go and grab all the products you like and watch the results come in! 


“Started my journey during the pandemic. Started with 1 bottle and worked my way up to 6 bottles. Got the results I have always wanted. Over 4 inches in gains in my booty.”

Romeo / Fitness model

“I love Slimu Up it helps me with energy, focus, curbs my snacking to keep my 6 pack. The ingredients are all natural which I love, and it works!”

Nick F. / Fitness Enthusiast

I have been using Cak’D UP brands since 2019. I love all of their products especially Plump’D UP and Puck’R UP! It gives me the confidence in and out the bedroom. 

Queen Sir Jet / Actor & Singer

I was in the bedroom with my partner and they got a taste of my gigantic load. It was thicker, creamier and sweeter if you know what I mean. Loaded up literally gets you loaded and ready at all times. The new fruit chews taste like candy.

Mr. Kinetic / Dancer

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