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“Started my journey during the pandemic. Started with 1 bottle and worked my way up to 6 bottles. Got the results I have always wanted. Over 4 inches in gains in my booty.”

Romeo / Fitness model

“I love Slimu Up it helps me with energy, focus, curbs my snacking to keep my 6 pack. The ingredients are all natural which I love, and it works!”

Nick F. / Fitness Enthusiast

I have been using Cak’D UP brands since 2019. I love all of their products especially Plump’D UP and Puck’R UP! It gives me the confidence in and out the bedroom. 

Queen Sir Jet / Actor & Singer

I was in the bedroom with my partner and they got a taste of my gigantic load. It was thicker, creamier and sweeter if you know what I mean. Loaded up literally gets you loaded and ready at all times. The new fruit chews taste like candy.

Mr. Kinetic / Dancer

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