About Us

CAK’D UP is a lifestyle company that provides solutions to help you with your goals. We are one of the first companies in the world to introduce exciting products for men and all gender identities. We are a results driven company and have thousands of happy customers worldwide in over 20+ countries and counting! We will continue to bring the best and newest innovative products for our customers. 

Upbrands is a zero tolerance company. 

Why does this matter? It means that—always—we believe in justice, equality, representation, and respect for one another.
Our team members and the businesses we select to work with are guided by these beliefs. Only courteous, inclusive, and empathetic people, businesses, and organizations will be partnered with us. Anyone who doesn’t uphold these principles is not welcome amongst us.
Cak’D UP is dedicated to identifying and rectifying any instances of all types of harassment, discrimination, hostility, or disrespect by anybody connected to the firm immediately and with consequence.