why choose cak'd up?

How to be a well informed consumer when you are comparing brands and value. 

*Ingredients in the bottle really matter and where they come from. The first ingredient in the label determines that the ingredient is the first highest dose than the next following ingredients. For example in Cak’D UP our first ingredients are Premium Black and Red Maca which we put the maximum amount possible. “Other brands” only put cheap off the shelf ingredients and pass it off as premium, which is weak and not potent. 

Our 60 count – 2 capsules contain 1400+mg of material/ingredients in easy to swallow capsules! This is the maximum amount you can take per 2 capsules in our formula.

“Other brands” make you take 3-4 capsules for 1 serving at a time and give you 90 caps or 120 caps per bottle. Usually this is to give you an illusion that you are getting more when your actually not. From a consumer stand point you want more for your money and other brands do not offer that.  Also a notable mention is that the Key ingredients are either non existent or the last ingredient on the label on these “other brands”. 

Fortunately for our Cak’D UP consumers, they get the maximum quality and efficacy dose guaranteed. You get the maximum effective dose possible in 2 easy to swallow capsules. 

As a consumer you want to make sure you are buying the best products with the highest quality ingredients for the best price. Cak’D UP has achieved this by creating effective products and will continue to provide excellence for its customers. We take pride in making very affordable quality products that work for you. By practicing what we preach, Cak’D UP products became a household name all over the world. 

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Where these “other brands” make their made in china products, links below. 

Do the “Other brands” look similar or familiar to these ali baba knock offs? Chances are likely they are made in china where there is no real regulatory system and have been known to have high amounts of UNSAFE ingredients found in them such as toxic “Lead”. Also these other unsafe organizations most likely ship from their home or apartment which can be unsafe since its not in a regulated facility, just look up the shipping address from where its being shipped or check their return address. If it is being shipped from a residential address its a major red flag and steer clear!

Links: Alibaba knockoffs

Links: China Vitamins 

This is why you want to choose Cak’D UP! As we are made in the USA 100% and honest to our customers.