CAK'D UP Frequently Asked Questions

Our breakthrough proprietary blend is made of a very special and powerful blend of MACAS (BLACK AND RED). We use a modern-day health science in the best possible way. Our proprietary blend of ingredients is known to work at the cellular level to make your glutes larger making it easier for the glutes to store good fats right where you want them. CAK’D UP carries the highest quality glute enhancing ingredients, such as BLACK & RED Maca Root, Wild Yam, and saw palmetto, Dong Quai & fenugreek . The CAK’D UP ingredients help direct fat cells to your glutes similar to lipo-filing, giving you a boost towards enhancing its overall size and shape.

Many of CAK’D UP customers have reported noticing a change in as little as 4 weeks. However to obtain more visible results a cycle of no less than 3 months is suggested. To obtain maximum results a full cycle of 6 months is highly recommended. Results vary from person to person and you may see results sooner. Please be sure to give CAK’D UP sufficient time to work & consume as suggested. Please do not skip any days & be sure to take the recommended minimum of 2 capsules daily. 

Simply take a minimum of 2 capsules a day with or without a meal. If you want to increase the dosage and up the chances to see results sooner you can take a maximum of 4 capsules a day. 

CAK’D UP is used everyday by all genders worldwide. CAK’D UP is a household name around the world and men and women see bigger glutes as a result when using CAK’D UP as a part of their daily routine. 

Working out is not required for CAK’ D UP to be effective. If you currently have a workout routine or you want to incorporate a light fitness routine you will obtain results sooner. CAK’D UP users that decide not to incorporate a fitness routine will still see results, but it is a good idea to have a healthy diet and fitness routine for your overall well being. 

We recommend that you use CAK’D UP for no less than 3 months, depending on your desired results.

Once you see what you like you can discontinue the use of CAK’D UP if you want to as your results are permanent. This is why CAK’D UP is the preferred choice over any other knock off brand. 

CAK’D UP uses vegetarian capsules made from cellulose which carries zero animal product and is also certified halal and kosher. Our capsules are non toxic and safe for long term consumption. 

CAK’D UP is a all-natural supplement and is made from plant-based ingredients which has no known negative side effects. It is recommended you consult with a physician or a healthcare professional before taking any supplement. 

Absolutely. To prevent theft (and nosey neighbors), our product ships in discreet, pink packaging (with no indicators of websites or social media like most companies do) directly to your residence. You can be full of confidence in true discretion. 

As the worlds #1 natural glute building supplement company on the market, we want to make sure that we are always available to answer your questions. If you have any questions that aren’t on this page, please reach us out to us via email at or on social media @wecakdupstore (Instagram, Twitter) and send us a DM.