LOADED UP™ – Male Enhancer


Revolutionize your intimacy with our fruit-flavored chewable tablets. Elevate pleasure as our formula increases sperm volume for intensified satisfaction. Indulge in the delightful twist as it sweetens the taste of semen, creating a extraordinary sensory experience. Ignite desire with increased libido. Crafted with precision, our all natural formula guarantees results. Unleash a new realm of passion!

  • 1 Bottle “Squirt!”
  • 2 Bottles “Splash!”
  • 3 Bottles “Waterfall”
  • 6 Bottles “Tsunami”

Benefits of using Loaded UP in your daily routine. 

  • Helps Increase thick & heavy loads
  • Sweetens your sperm
  • Heightens your intimate experience
  • Will be able to go more than just 1 round

(Reg. price $60) – Now $40