SLIMU UP ™ – Snatches Waist


Slimu up is a plant based fat burner that targets localized fat in the tummy area. Its proprietary herbal blend is what makes it a powerhouse to target belly fat and assists in creating a hourglass figure. Also helps get rid of bloat and unwanted snacking which helps with improving waistline.

(Reg. price $59.99) – Now only $39.95 

*Real customers results, within 14 days

  • 1 Bottle “Its working”
  • 2 Bottles “Tummy on flat”
  • 3 Bottles “Keeping the tummy flat”
  • 6 Bottles “Snatched waist, its a lifestyle”

Benefits of using Slimu Up in your daily routine

  • Helps with weight loss (up to 10lbs in 9 days)
  • Burn more calories than diet or exercise alone
  • More sustainable energy
  • No jitters or crashes
  • Boosts confidence

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