Our History

In 2016 was developed CAK’D UP here in the USA (California). The brand CAK’D UP is a federally protected and registered trademark and was never owned by any other person. Our company spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in research and development to make sure we have the best formula that is safe and effective for our consumers, our ingredients are proprietary and could never be copied. The scientists here at CAK’D UP are perfectionists and always want to innovate. We truly believe anyone can achieve the body and booty of their dreams with CAK’D UP as sometimes diet and exercise alone don’t work for some. CAK’D UP took the world by storm in 2017 when we launched it to the public. We hit it big on social media such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and gave the opportunity for influencers to promote and sell our brand. We became a household name as we sold all around the country and all over the world. We knew our customers would love the product and will be coming back for more which inspired us to create new innovative products that enhance your body.

Don’t be fooled by any new companies out there saying they are original..

We truly mean it when we say our brand is the original glute building company within our community. CAK’D UP for years has and always will be the secret to many influencers & models growing their buttocks! We totally understand why CAK’D UP is everyones obsession, to simply put it, it works! Our products were being drop shipped by other sellers all over social media at marked up prices due to high demand. The CAK’D UP brand is so powerful our customer base keeps growing at a rapid pace. Other wannabe companies out there do not spend the money or the time to develop anything special or unique. Instead they buy cheap Alibaba knock offs and try to pass them as “custom” when its truly off the shelf junk (which give you no results). Please be aware entrepreneurship is great, but copy/paste and stealing from our website is not. Copycat companies do not have the ability to product original content as their goal is to only make a “quick buck” Other companies will also always put their products on “pre order” or say “sold out” very often to collect money from their unsuspecting customers and make you wait months to have it shipped from china. Buying from CAK’D UP you will never have to worry about long periods of sold out or pre order times. You will always get real pricing, with real offers and discounts when available.  We heavily invest in keeping a major inventory for our customers to make sure you get your product on time. So make sure if it says CAK’D UP it can ONLY be purchased at www.CAKDUP.com and not anywhere else.

The Original Glute Building Company

Continued to the present day, we are proud to say that we are only selling direct to our consumers at the best prices with premium quality! Our products are stronger than ever-before and even more effective. No middleman trying to drop ship our products to make up extra $. We care about our customers, giving you the biggest savings and the most researched and consumed product on the planet in our sector that delivers real results. As our company has continued to grow throughout the years we released new cutting edge products every 6 months to a year since 2016. We carry a multitude of body enhancing products now to cater to your special needs such as Loaded UP (male enhancer), Slimu UP (Belly reducing), Plump’D UP (Booty plumper topical), Scrub’D UP (body & bum exfoliator), Shea’D UP (Body butter) and Puck’R UP (anus relaxer) an soon more to come!