How to be a well informed consumer

Cak’D UP is the original glute building company since we launched in 2017. Is another company saying they are as well? Ask them to show hard evidence and or proof. Plagiarism & copyright theft is at an all time high. To protect our customers from impersonating companies we will provide key details to what to look out for. We take pride in being obsessed with giving our customers the best products and ingredients available in the current market. 

Does the company you buy from always say they are sold out? Well here is one of many reasons why:

  1. They do not purchase their inventory and get their products drop shipped from China. 
  2. They put their products on pre-order all the time to collect money from unsuspecting customers to fund their drop shipped orders from China.
  3. You will receive a off the shelf ineffective product from a unregulated facility from China that sells to many other shady websites/stores. 

How to check for red flags in dietary products for sale

A) Make sure the ingredients label matches exactly what is advertised on the sellers website. The order of the ingredients in which they are advertised as. Using words such as “premium” and it not being on the label is one of many signs of misrepresentation amongst many others.

B) Does the website advertise “Made in the USA” and its not on the label? If so then this is a red flag because US Customs border patrol will not allow any product coming from CHINA to have “Made in USA” on the products label. Always check the labels ! 

C) Does the seller sell products also from Alibaba? If so then it is highly likely their supplements come from there to. Supplements that are not made in the USA have a HIGH chance of containing LEAD and other chemicals that are very harmul to the human body. 

D) Does the website contain original copyright information? Plagiarism is at an all time high. Unscrupulous websites will take copyrighted information from a legit site to place it on their unknown illegitimate products.

Your safety is our #1 concern. Cak’D UP has been proven safe and effective for over 5 years and counting (ask for proof from any website claiming this). Tread caution on any imitation websites/persons claiming to be similar to us or like us. Thank you to all the loyal customers reporting the copyright description theft to us. 

This page has been time stamped and archived for proof, as well as the offending website to expose the truth and keep our customers safe. We will soon provide a series of evidence on this matter. 

Please report any copyright infringement to our legal team at